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Comes in different sizes and candle jars.

These products will leave your house smelling amazing!!

There is a fragrance list attached to the menu, for an in depth description of scent.

Soy wax, fragrance oil

Safety!  Candle Care
Never leave a burning candle unattended
Keep away from children and pets.
On your first burn, allow the wax to melt right to the edge of the glass. (approx. 2-3 hours)
Always burn your candle on a level heat resistant surface and away from drafts.
Ensure the wick is trimmed to approx. 5mm before each burn.
Do not burn your candle longer than 4hours at a time.
Allow your candle to cool completely before relighting. Usually after 24 hours.
Only burn your candle to the last 1/4 inch to prevent glass cracking or breaking.
Store your candles in a cool dry area and avoid placing in direct sunlight.


Kommon Scents will not accept liability for misuse of this item!


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