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Diffusers - car and home

Perfect gift for the home, or in the car

A must have decor for your home or even the perfect gift for that special person.

Diffusers are a perfect way to fill the home or car with an aromatic fragrance.  The fragrance oil soaks into the wood, either at the top of the car diffuser or the reeds in the room diffuser, allowing the fragrance to flow in the air.

This hand poured scent oil diffuser is a must have in your car, and home.

Scent will last up to 60 days with proper care. When the car scent begins to dull, simply turn diffuser over and allow scent to soak the wooden top. When the home diffuser looses its scent, just turn the reeds over.

Care and Warnings 

Car Diffuser

Instructions for use:
1.   Unscrew lid & remove plastic stopper.
2.   Replace lid & tip upside down for 15-20 seconds or until you can see fragrance wetting the lid.Wash hands if Fragrance Oil gets on them as oils can cause damage to plastic & wooden surfaces.
3.  To refresh fragrance follow step 2.


Do not hang anywhere that can cause driver distraction or impede visionWipe any leaks & spills immediately as fragrance can damage plastic & wooden surfaces.
Square Diffuser
1. Place the reed sticks into the bottle to absorb the fragrant diffuser oils.
2. Allow diffuser reeds to soak up the diffuser oils for 15-30 mins then flip sticks so that the dry side of the sticks is placed into the bottle and the saturated end is in the air.
3. Flip the reeds every few days. Keep in mind the more reeds you flip and the more often you flip them, the faster the fragrance oil will evaporate.
4.  Take care when flipping the reeds as oils may stain or damage your table surface
5.   Fragrant diffuser oils are flammable so keep away from light and open flame

Turn around up to 1-5 days.

Kommon Scents will not accept liability for misuse of this item. Please ensure that you're correctly using our diffusers.


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